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Innovative Use of Gibberellic Acid

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

The project is funded through the MLA EPDS program; and is being conducted in collaboration with Agriculture Victoria

The Perennial Pasture Systems (PPS) group is conducting a three year demonstration of the use of Gibberellic Acid (GA) on winter pastures, funded by the MLA Enhanced Producer Demonstration Site (EDPS) program. GA is made naturally in plant roots and stimulates shoot and cell elongatation promoting plant growth; this occurs naturally in plants during spring. The application of manufactured GA, sold commercially as “Pro Gibb™” and “Gala™” in winter stimulates plant growth and creates an increase in winter feed availability. The demonstration has two parts - Demonstration one compares the extra winter feed produced using GA to nil and nitrogen treatments. The second set of demonstration sites were looking at the effect of GA on annual grass weeds. This demonstration set out to assess whether GA application increased growth and palatability, therefore allowing the weeds plants to be grazed heavily enough to affect their recovery and therefore be an aid to weed reduction in pastures. The concept of the demonstration came from observed results from GA use on a PPS member property in 2014.



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