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Kasenda Village (Uganda) update March 2024

Lynne & I visited Uganda last year, where we had a great couple of weeks reconnecting with Wilson and the village – our last trip was in 2019.There has been a lot of progress, and it is obvious that the living conditions are improving because of our efforts. Dennis has joined our team as project manager, he has a Diploma of Ag, and is very good at the practical aspects of agriculture in the region. We were able to also purchase a new Tuk-Tuk to move compost, manure, and to deliver product to markets. It is fair to say Wilson & Dennis were pleased with the first vehicle in the village. Up to now everything has been carried by hand – this Tuk-Tuk will make a huge difference. The smile on Dennis’ face says it all.

2024-03-19 Kasenda Village Update newsletter 4
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