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Pasture comparison trials

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

The Perennial Pasture Systems (PPS) group Producer Demonstration Scheme trial sites provide a comparison between new perennial grass varieties and the more commonly sown phalaris in the Upper Wimmera and Central Highlands region of Victoria. The region has problems with perennial pasture establishment and persistence which restrict their adoption. In recent years there has been very little pasture trial work in the region and PPS was formed to rectify this situation. Paddock scale trails were established, managed and data collected for grazing brome, Hispanic cocksfoot and winter active fescue pastures in direct comparison to phalaris.

PPS concluded that the grazing brome was unsuited to the region and winter active fescue may have a minor role. Hispanic cocksfoot was found to have a role as a variety in the tougher soils that occur in the region and warrants further evaluation. The benefits to farmers in the region are to offer them proven productive perennial grass pasture options that will persist using the right establishment and management techniques. The use of perennials in a grazing system aids resilience in managing climate and more efficient water use, enhancing overall productivity and profitability to the regions grazing enterprises.

The pasture comparison sites are supported by the MLA Producer Demonstration Site Program.



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