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Sustainable Pasture Grazing Management Through Feed Quality Measurement

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

The project is providing evidence based science for producers to identify plant quality loss before it effects animal production. The increasing variability of rainfall and rapid decrease in pasture quality is making the timing of late spring grazing crucial to maintaining sustainable grazing systems. Confident timing and management decisions will improve animal health & production, pasture resilience and maintain ground cover.

The aim of the project is to provide quantitative pasture quality information to farmers to assist in maintaining healthy, productive & sustainable grazing systems. This would have a positive outcome for animal, pasture & soil management by assisting farm managers to identify when pasture quality falls below animal requirements would allow better targeted supplementary feed programs and pasture rotations.


Forty pasture types were selected for testing from PPS member farms representing the different climatic conditions & soil types within the region. The most northerly farm was “Cresswell” at Beazleys Bridge & the most southerly was “Barton” at Moyston.

Project funded by WCMA - Victorian Landcare Program Grant



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